Gürsoy Group

Gürsoy Group is a group of companies that aims for respect to the values underlying its existence, responsibility for the trusts it has inherited, and innovativeness foreseen for the needs of the present day.

Vespucci Turizm

Vespucci, which has set off with a cumulative and experienced team in September 2015, is a tourism and travel agency that has defined its vision with a competitive and innovative understanding under the challenging market conditions.

The main goal of Vespucci is to increase the service quality, while reducing the traveling costs of its customers. It aims to accomplish this not only through the classical agency activities, but also with the claim to be the solution partner and trip advisor of its customers. Vespucci, which has made corporate agreements with airlines, both ensures cost savings and aims to increase quality, by generating affordable, special solutions for other needs such as accommodation, car rental.

Aiming to become a corporate travel management company, Vespucci is getting prepared to follow up on the dynamic tourism world that is developing, make quick adaptations, and offer superior service and quality to its customers with a highly educated, professional team spirit.

The agency, which has adopted an environmentalist approach that respects nature and is aware of its social responsibility by acquiring a prestigious place in the tourism world, continues its activities with the faith that it will achieve a special and prestigious position within a short time.