Gürsoy Group

Gürsoy Group is a group of companies that aims for respect to the values underlying its existence, responsibility for the trusts it has inherited, and innovativeness foreseen for the needs of the present day.


Human Resources act with principles that are generally recognized bot at national and international levels in selecting the correct manpower for the correct job.

The most important principle and priority duty of the Gürsoy Group Human Resources department is to act in line with the company’s objectives and carry the company to the future by employees with high motivation, job satisfaction and efficiency.

Its purpose is to place the “human first” principle at the focus, bring in new talents to the company, contribute in their personal development and make sure that business policies that will ensure mutual trust are determined and implemented.

Its goal is to accomplish the desired success by high motivation that will be achieved by the compliance of the employees with the company values and rules, fondly and willingly.

The Human Resources department, which operates with an approach that respects differences as well as its duties and principles, acts in the awareness that the most important element that will carry the company to a special position in the sector is the satisfaction and happiness of the employees. Therefore, it deems that its duty is not only to employ teammates in adequate numbers and desired qualifications to fulfill the functions that are necessary for the company to achieve its objectives, but also to develop employee policies that are compatible with the corporate culture.

The Human Resources Policy has been built on selection, evaluation, career planning, continuous improvement and development. Human Resources department that conducts its activities to ensure that successful candidates, who are entrepreneurial, creative, have adopted team spirit and corporate culture join the company, also strives to develop the physical work environment that will keep the occupational health and safety at the top level.

The Human Resources department acts with principles that are generally recognized both at national and international level, in selecting the correct manpower for the correct job:

  • Reliability Principle
  • Ethics Rules Principle
  • Fairness and Equality Principle
  • Team-work and Collaboration Principle
  • High Motivation and Sustainable Achievement Principle

The Human Resources department takes utmost care to develop the quality of work life. It takes steps that ensure diversity in the jobs of teammates, allow them opportunities to develop personally, increase work group interactions.

The Human Resources department works to ensure that teammates working at different levels build effective communication among each other and makes plans for the continuity of their collaboration.

The Human Resources department is an organization where special and general trainings are offered in line with common purposes by integrating individual and corporate objectives, performance management is applied, and continual improvement and development programs are implemented to develop the abilities of the employees.

Taking the career objectives of all employees within this organization into consideration, the Human Resources department acts with an approach aiming to build a strong team spirit for sustainable achievement.

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