Gürsoy Group

Gürsoy Group is a group of companies that aims for respect to the values underlying its existence, responsibility for the trusts it has inherited, and innovativeness foreseen for the needs of the present day.

President's Message

The main principle of all of us is the same as the measure set forth for humans by our Holy Prophet: “The most dutiful of man is the one who is benevolent for mankind.”

Gürsoy Group is the name of a large family which has been established as inspired by the spiritual wealth it exists in, continues to grow with the enthusiasm of the first day without stopping and includes each employee within its organization with the feeling of adoption. The main objective of this family is to maintain the values that make us what we are and reflect these values onto all works under which we apprehend our signature.

We serve both our country and different nations by our companies that represent Gürsoy Group in numerous spots of the world and domestic-foreign enterprises that collaborate with us in many activities. The most important capital of this success is our behavior model we have built on three main principles: respect; responsibility; innovativeness.

As Gürsoy Group, we endeavor to duly fulfill all our obligations without making concessions to these principles in all sectors that we operate. We take firm steps to protect the cultural diversity of the lands we live on and the traditional heritage of our people and to turn these over to the future generations.

We protect and restore the monuments that our ancestors have left to us, and help them to serve the generations of our day by adding modern functions. During this process, we trust each member of our family and take the utmost care for their occupational safety. We move ahead with principles and rules that respect human rights, are sensitive to the environment and nature.

We continue all our group activities with a human focused approach for 20 years, benefit from advanced technologies in generating solutions for the needs of our society and work with names who are specialized in their fields.

By our residential- and entertainment-themed projects realized in order to offer a comfortable, safe and happy life, we desire to see the smiled on the faces of both our people and our children who are our future.

Our Group includes brands that actively operate in sectors such as construction, restoration, service, industry, media and publishing, each more successful than the other. The main principle of all of us is the same as the measure set forth for humans by our Holy Prophet: “The most dutiful of man is the one who is benevolent for mankind.” As Gürsoy Group, we keep all our accounts permanent by benefit to our environment and service to our people on the path we have set off with the understanding of serving our society.

We belong to İstanbul, and İstanbul is entrusted to us. We reached the present by projects that will keep the city and the cultural diversity it hosts alive, strengthen our ties with the past and connect us to this city even further. We have worked and will work for a happier future, by moving hand in hand with all our employees, as one team.

There are traces of the Gürsoy Group in many monuments that decorate the silhouette of İstanbul today. We do not boast of this. We wish to display a stance that befits us by giving their due to these monuments that have been entrusted to us.

This world, this country and especially this divine city where we live is entrusted to us and our generations. 

We are Happy and Grateful.

Hasan Gürsoy