Organization for Humanitarian Aid to Chad

Gürsoy Group Chairman of the Board of Directors and Honorary Consul of the Republic of Chad, Hasan Gürsoy gave out humanitarian aid during the trip organized to the Republic of Chad.

In addition to the distribution of various aid items such as food, clothing, shoes, toys to the needy during the trip that was organized to Chad with a crowded delegation, sound systems have been presented to the municipality in N'Djamena, the capitol of Chad.

Our Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hasan Gürsoy and the mufti of Karabük province – sister city of N'Djamena – Halil Bektaş carried out a survey at the area where the social complex planned to be constructed in the capitol will be built.

The delegation, in addition to the fast-breaking dinner organization at an aide camp near N'Djamena, presented food aid to those living at the camp.

In the interview he gave to the Anatolian Agency following the aid organization at the camp, our Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hasan Gürsoy said: “There in unbelievable interest in Turkey, and our Esteemed President. And, we came from Istanbul with a group of colleagues and hosted a fast-breaking dinner at this camp with our ambassador and bureaucrats and friends from AFAD. We distributed supplies and shared a fast-breaking meal with those who are living at the camp. We were able to observe how indestructible and how fast the bridge between Istanbul and N'Djamena could be built. Thank our Creator thousands of times. May he never reduce these works, these efforts, may he always continue to boost them. We are making these organizations in order to demonstrate an awareness. Turkey is a county from which there a great expectations.  And, as long as we are able to meet these expectations, we will have done something very beneficial for humanity. Therefore, I send my greetings and prayers to all out brothers who are working for this, primarily our Esteemed President and all our administrators, from this camp in N'Djamena.  May Allah reinforce their strengths.”