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The Meşk-i İstanbul Yenikapı Mevlevihanesi Restorasyonu Book is Published

The “Meşk-i İstanbul Yenikapı Mevlevihanesi Restorasyonu 2005 – 2010” Book is Published

The book titled “Meşk-i İstanbul: Yenikapı Mevlevîhanesi Restorasyonu 2005-2010”, which tells about the history and restoration process of the Yenikapı Mevlevi Lodge that has offered significant services to its followers and the regional community both during the period it has served as mevlevi lodge and the period it has served as orphanage following the Republic, has been published by Gürsoy Group Culture Publications.

Müessese Communication and Publication undertook the publication preparation of the “Meşk-i İstanbul: Yenikapı Mevlevîhanesi Restorasyonu 2005-2010” book, which holds a very important place in literature both by its subject titles and article contents and also its visual wealth.

The book, which was edited by M. Baha Tanman and Gülru Tanman, was prepared by the contributions of valuable masters in their fields. The book contains the articles ”History of the Mevlevi Lodge” and “Location, Layout and Architectural Features of the Mevlevi Lodge” by M. Baha Tanman; “Music Lovers Reared at the Yenikapı Mevlevi Lodge” by Ruhi Ayangil; “Evaluation of the Selamlık (Men’s) Section within the Scope of 1st National Architecture” by Afife Batur; “Epigraphs and Calligraphies” by Ali Rıza Özcan; “Yenikapı Mevlevi Lodge Burial Area” by A. Sacit Açıkgözoğlu; “Hand-carvings and Restoration” by Kaya Üçer; and “The Restoration Process 2005-2010” by Nilgün Olgun.

Furthermore, by the photographs selected from Nâsır Abdülbaki Baykara Archive that are added to the end of the book, the family life of Abdülbâki (Baykara) Dede, who was the last sheikh of the Yenikapı Mevlevi Lodge, and the history of the Mevlevi Lodge are witnessed.

The Yenikapı Mevlevi Lodge book also has a surprise. The bookmark, prepared from the mold of a tombstone bearing the signature of Calligrapher Sami Efendi at the Mevlevi Lodge burial area, is presented as a gift to the readers with the book.

You may visit www.gursoyvakfiyayinlari.com/yenikapi in order to watch the interviews with Nâsır Abdülbaki Baykara, the grandson of Abdülbâki Dede - the last sheikh of the Yenikapı Mevlevi Lodge, and Tomb-keeper Burhan Dede.