Gürsoy Group

Gürsoy Group is a group of companies that aims for respect to the values underlying its existence, responsibility for the trusts it has inherited, and innovativeness foreseen for the needs of the present day.

Our Values



As Gürsoy Group, we act with the awareness that respect is the most important value that humanity should have. In every project and activity that we append our signature under, we adopt an understanding that respects both the physical and emotional identities and tolerates the differences of the individuals in our society.   

We derive our enthusiasm from the moral wealth of our existence and the traditions of the soils we live on. We, therefore, stake a claim on our culture and values, and append our signature under praiseworthy projects with our respect for what we have been entrusted with.

We, taking a share of the nature’s generosity to all creatures, uphold the main principle of environmental awareness in all our business processes. Consequently, acting on the significance of every building that is in contact with the society for our people both today and tomorrow, we will continue to take firm steps to maintain our historical and traditional heritage.


As Gürsoy Group, we act with the principle of respecting the decorum and ethics of our society. While we maintain our respect for public mind, reason, thought and wisdom, we take care to append our signature under projects that represent what is right, beneficial and sustainable for our community.

We desire to exhibit an effective and competent stance in all projects we realize with our respect for our national values and our responsibility to set an example in the sector. We exert maximum effort to raise the cultural and educational level of the individual and the society.  

Our company, acting on the principle of responsibility to the present and the future, operates with the main principle of environmental awareness in all business processes and in social life. We voluntarily support social responsibility projects in line with this principle.


As Gürsoy Group, we have always prioritized change for continual innovation and development, and have always and will continue to support change without compromising on our quality and principles. We always invest in our employees who will ensure that every project we append our signature under is completed in the best possible manner.

We see the big picture and follow the requirements of the time in all projects we handle, and promote new ideas and products. We work as result-focused and keep the strategy and objectives of our establishment high.  And, to that end, we prioritize customer satisfaction, and adopt the priority business model of contributing and offering the most qualified services to our customers in all projects we are involved in. As Gürsoy Group, we work and will work for a happy future by never any making concessions to being ethical, acting ethically and representing ethics.