Gürsoy Group

Gürsoy Group is a group of companies that aims for respect to the values underlying its existence, responsibility for the trusts it has inherited, and innovativeness foreseen for the needs of the present day.

Gürsoy Foundation

The Gürsoy Foundation, which has started to operate in 2015 in order to carry the value treasures of our ancient civilization that were established and maintained with the foundation culture to the present day and the future, seeks human-focused services with the responsibility brought by the foundation awareness.


Our purpose is to support our youth who stand as the guarantee of our future generations and provide support for their education, increase the education level of the society and bring up humans that will add value to our nation and the whole World.

Aid to Needy Families

One of the most fantastic qualifications of humanity is the feeling “solidarity and benevolence”. This phenomenon that adds the sensitivity of being human to mankind and the awareness of being a nation to the society, leads among the building blocks of the Gürsoy Foundation structure. Acting on this point, it takes it as its duty to deliver the aids formed as based on needs to their owners.


Every building built by our ancestors with numerous benefactions and prayers are the seals of our city. The Gürsoy Foundation deems it as its duty to protect and maintain the material trusts inherited from our history.