Gürsoy Group

Gürsoy Group is a group of companies that aims for respect to the values underlying its existence, responsibility for the trusts it has inherited, and innovativeness foreseen for the needs of the present day.

Evrenye Village Infrastructure and Mosque Repairs

Gürsoy Group has carried out the Merkez Mosque and the village square landscaping of the Evrenye Village, located in the İnebolu district of Kastamonu, in 2010. In order to maintain the structure and architectural texture of the traditional Black Sea villages, reinforcement, hand-carving, lighting works and heating system applications were made during the restoration of the Evrenye Merkez Mosque that was built in the 1940’s.

The fountain and the washroom at the perimeter of the mosque were repaired and opened for use by the village residents. Thanks to the natural granite ground pavement applied at the village square, Evrenye acquired a brand new outlook, without damage to its natural stricture.